Oh Christmas Lights

So many things changed in my life since I met the Doctor. One day I was there, travelling with him and the next one,I was trapped in a alternative earth. Some day passed by and now I`m back to where my history begun. With my Doctor. And Donna, now a time lady and her kids.  And this was my first christmas since I came back….

I really don`t know why they decided to left me in the TARDIS with the kids. If they were hoping that I was going to baby sit them, make sure they would not do anything bad… they were soooooo wrong. 

We were sitting next to the christmas tree listening to music and out of nowhere, Emily got up and started to dance. 

"I think Auntie Rose should sing", Alyson said with an evil smile on his face.

"Hey, what part of just call me Rose you didn`t got, Aly?", no, really, I hate when they call me auntie, makes me feel so… old.

"Oh ignore him, Rose. He only does that to piss you off.", Emily looked mad at her brother, "C`mon, sing with me!" she said while was making me get up. And we’ll never be royals.” 

"Royals.", I started kinda shy. How on earth they knew I could sing?

"It don’t run in our blood, that kind of lux just ain’t for us. We crave a different kind of buz, Emily couldn`t sing so well but she was having so much fun, so I decided to give a shot and started to dance with her.

"Let me be your ruler, you can call me queen bee. And, baby, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule. Let me live that fantasy", when I started to sing they both stopped for a few seconds, shocked and as fast as they got in that state, they got out of it and continued to sing/dance/laugh.

I really don`t know how much time passed by but we only stopped when we saw Donna, looking pretty much mad from the TARDIS door. Like a reflex, I turned the radio off.

"You guys are having a party without me?", the Doctor said, "C`mon, ain’t no party like a timelord party!

"Yeah, yeah, we know that.", something happened or Donna wouldn`t be so mad. "Hey, you, blondie, come help me try to put some sense on your boyfriend head."

"Oh Donna Noble, stop being so dramatic and be a nice friend"
, he answered and Emily looked to me like who says “Trouble”. "Now Rose, go help our favorite ginger…"

"Hey!", Emily interrupted.

"We also love you, Emz. Now as I was saying. Go help Donna with this, ok?"

"With what?!", I was so freaking lost.

"Just go. Please." and he did those puppy eyes and I couldn`t say no.

"Really, martian boy, you are going to play that low?”, she took a deep breath, "Ok let`s go."

As we were going to another room, I heard the Doctor putting some christmas songs to play and I smiled. Well, it couldn`t be such a bad idea, right? As we got in the room, I saw some christmas lights on the floor.

"So, what am I suppose to do?"

"Help me to put those lights around my body"

"I`m sorry… what?!", I said and started to laugh. It was a creepy slash crazy slash fun ideia with Doctor`s name write in it. "Are you seriously?"

"Do I look like I`m kidding?"

"Sorry. No."

Ok let`s skip to the part where I say: it was not a easy thing to do. Kids, never, EVER, try to do this at home. We had so many light cables that took us age to finally finish put them around Donna`s body, plus sometimes we used to stumble on them. Hell-on-earth. But after some stumbles and a few electric shocks, we finally finished.

"And as a final touch…", I said while putting a Santa`s hat on her head.

Before she could complain, I pulled her back to the room we were before.

"Final…", Alyson started to say, but as soon he saw Donna, his tone changed. "Are you my mummy?!"

"Oh shut up, Aly. She looks so adorable", Emily said with her really sweet tone voice.

"Ok Doctor, why do I need to do this?!," oh Donna would not go down without a fight.

"It`s called christmas card, Donna. A new tradition we should start around here".

"C’mon mom, it’s the Christmas spirit!", wait, did Alyson just agreed with the Doctor? It`s a christmas miracle!

"I’ll show you the Christmas spirit later, earth boy…", she replied.

"You look so cute, Mom!", and like always, we have Emily trying to calm down the storm.

"And you Emily… just shhhh", but the storm is too strong…

"Aren`t they a lovely family, Rose?", I was so lost listening to them, that barely noticed the Doctor stopping next to me but I did notice the i-am-going-to-kill-you look Donna was giving him.

"Keep me out of this, Doctor. I love my life….", I said joking and laughed, "… but yeah, they are."

"Rose Tyler! Don`t you…", I never understood why she never finished that sentence, but oh well, somethings are better not be said.

"Ok everybody, out of here! We are going to take this picture in front of the TARDIS."

"We are soooo not going to do that."

"Oh yes, we are, mom." Emily and Alyson looked to each other and started to run in the direction of their mother. The storm was loosing the war to her hurricane kids.

"Hey precious girl, help me here", he said to me and I smiled again. The first thing he said to me was ‘precious girl coming home’ and since then, he calls me precious girl.

I went next to him and we turned the christmas light on.

"So let`s make some memories, shall we?", I said… a new life, a new chance of being happy.

"DOCTOOOORRRR!", Donna yelled from the outside and we went to meet them.

Those Christmas lights, light up the street. Down where the sea and city meet. May all your troubles soon be gone. Oh Christmas lights keep shining on”, he started to sing while took the first picture.

"Ok Aly and Emz, go there with your mom", I said and they did it. "C`mon Donna, give us a really pretty smile." 

"Those Christmas lights, light up the street. Maybe they’ll bring her back to me.Then all my troubles will be gone", and that part of the song almost made me cry.

"Ok, a group picture. Let`s go Rose!"

So we both joined them. I think this is going to be the best christmas ever.

"Oh Christmas lights keep shining on", I finished and smiled. I was back. Life was worth living again…


Were you and him?